Influencer marketing is not a new concept. Around 2010, there was a spike in influencer marketing. While it began with celebrities, social media has helped it to expand into a multibillion-dollar industry (Instagram, TikTok, Youtube.).

What exactly is an influencer? Individuals with the capacity to impact the value of cryptocurrencies and projects through their ideas in the blockchain community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are known as influencers.

Like those in any other web community, influencers in the cryptocurrency arena publish content about crypto projects and the web subculture that has built up around them on various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

Crypto and NFT influencers can impact the value of a coin through their recommendations. According to studies, about 90% of customers would prefer to make a purchase based on a trusted influencer’s advice than a media promotion.

It’s vital to realize that influencers’ content is already being devoured by their audience. This means that their intended audience is easily accessible. Because this is the material they desire, their followers will not be put off by the marketing piece or “advertisement.” Once an influencer in this sector recommends your new initiative to their followers, you will be exposed to a much bigger audience. This can attract investors, increasing your funding and customer knowledge of your business.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Market Cryptocurrency And NFT?

Videos are typically the most successful form of marketing. This is because videos are interactive and help with knowledge absorption. Every minute, 300 videos in over 70 languages are posted to big social networking sites like YouTube. Any large-scale influencer will use YouTube and everything it has to offer.

Influencers promote this sort of material in several ways. Some of it may be amusing, while others may be completely educational. It is vital to keep a following by discussing the most recent developments.

As previously said, videos are engaging. They are amusing, easily accessible through YouTube, and offer critical information buyers require when purchasing a product or service. For cryptocurrencies and NFTs, this is the perfect trading range. Blockchain content is available on many platforms, including Medium, Instagram, and YouTube, and smaller websites specializing in blockchain themes.

Importance Of Influencers To The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Because traditional digital advertising has lost popularity in the blockchain environment, crypto influencer marketing has developed as a critical alternative technique. Reddit, for example, has banned bitcoin marketing since 2016, Google has banned cryptocurrency advertisements since 2017, and Twitter has banned cryptocurrency advertisements since 2017.

Because these social media platforms and search engines control most of the digital advertising market, fintech and cryptocurrency companies will be pushed to develop alternatives to traditional digital marketing strategies to thrive.

What Distinguishes Crypto Influencer Marketing From Other Types of Marketing

The “trust factor” influencers bring to the table makes cryptocurrency influencer marketing more expensive on average than other sponsored advertising.

The contrast between reading a banner commercial on a blockchain news website and hearing it from someone you like and follow is apparent. Trust has a hefty price.

Furthermore, research on the issue has found that most marketing teams feel Crypto influencer marketing has a larger ROI than other kinds of internet growth.

Crypto influencer marketing is considerably more successful than traditional advertising because viewers are more inclined to interact with material offered by someone with whom they have made a deliberate decision to connect. They decided to follow that influencer because what they say is important to us. As a result, when an influencer offers information about a company or product, their ears are already tuned in.

Platforms That Are Ideal For Crypto Influencer Marketing

YouTube videos are a popular medium for content creators and distributors. Because 300 hours of video are published every minute, YouTube is one of the most popular places for influencers looking to establish significant online followings.

Because visual information is intensely engaging, easily accessible, and highly instructional, and because YouTube is the most extensively used video social network on the web, influencers utilize it to generate useful content for both crypto novices and crypto fans.

Influencers in the cryptocurrency business utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, Medium, and Twitter, as well as niche websites such as BitcoinTalk, to provide amusing or instructional blockchain material, engage in debates about current trends, and expand their followings.

Finding The Right Influencers

Investigating influencers and their contributions is a smart place to start. You want to ensure that your brand is depicted in the greatest possible light. Focusing on just one site, such as YouTube, is a wonderful place to start. Before spreading out to other platforms, you need first establish yourself on one. Don’t worry; you can and will spread out once you have traction.

Using tactics like social listening can help you properly understand and use ideas. Knowing your industry inside and out will be beneficial during the planning process. It can help you avoid making errors. The purpose of finding celebrity influencers or micro-influencers is to understand and reach out to your target demographic.

The payout for each influencer might also differ. This implies that each influencer is priced differently. Smaller influencers, on the other hand, often cost less than bigger ones. Pricing and specifications will vary based on the scenario because a small agency represents some influencers. A talent agency or a representation generally represents celebrities.

Setting a budget for this form of influencer marketing is crucial. You will receive an ROI; however, you must estimate how much this will be based on your brand and goals. Many blockchain firms require micro-influencers to start, and things take off rapidly.

Whatever path you take, remember to stay focused and current on the latest trends and patterns in the blockchain industry.


However, the consequences are not assured. In brand growth, influencer marketing is one of the more volatile advertising.

Begin by distributing tiny amounts of money to many influencers to see which content creator’s audience works best for your product or service. Taking chances and attempting new things are essential components of crypto influencer marketing.

Your initial point of contact should be a crypto influencer marketing business with a track record of successful campaigns.

WOLFPACK CRYPTO MEDIA COMMUNICATION, a full-stack global crypto marketing solutions provider, comes in to help. WOLFPACK goes above and above to verify that the influencers we deal with are genuine, with no bot views or phony followers.


Hopefully, this handbook has helped you better grasp the waters of influencer marketing and has inspired you to pursue your project along this path on your own or with expert aid.

Never underestimate the power of influencers in your crypto endeavors, as they can take your whole campaign to the next level as the blockchain business relies heavily on brand reputation.

Contact us for a comprehensive conversation if you want to advertise your crypto project utilizing data-driven influencer marketing. Now is the moment to reach out to well-known influencers and satisfy all of your marketing requirements.

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