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WolfPack Crypto Media Communication is a leading crypto web3 media marketing and public relations agency for blockchain, fintech, and start-ups, providing strategy planning, blockchain marketing, content marketing, public relations, social media marketing, and influencer outreach services for ICOs, IDOs, and DEXs. WolfPack crypto media was founded by six experienced cryptocurrency enthusiasts in 2020 and registered in Dover, Delaware. Before launching WOLFPACK , all cofounders worked in different cryptocurrency niches, from PR to business management and marketing with overall industry experience of 25 years.<


At WolfPack crypto media, understanding our clients requires focusing on the market. It also entails becoming familiar with our clients' competition and anticipating their next strategy or action. We are all about understanding the broad dynamics and pressures in the marketplace and how those forces may affect the organisation.


'Passion' is frequently used in customer service and customer experience: Passion will drive excellence and continuous improvement, and it is nearly difficult to deliver at a world-class level without passion. At WolfPack crypto media, passion is our watchword. We do our best to deliver consistently and passionately.


“Smart brands employ #empathy marketing: looking beyond the functional to the emotional.” — Molly Seaverns. Empathy is the ability to share and recognise another being's emotions. Empathy allows you to understand your target audience, generate appropriate offers, and communicate with them in a real way in the context of conversion marketing.


Modern businesses understand that cooperation is critical to the success of any company, especially marketing companies. The days of a corporation thriving with individuals confined to their cubicles and failing to collaborate are long gone. Hence, our emphasis is on teamwork. We have a strong team with members from all over the world; we have no single superhero saving the day; all our team members are superheroes working in symphony to accomplish all set targets.

Meet the team

Asad Zeeshan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As a startup specialist, Asad has been a professional for 19 years, the past nine years as CMO for blockchain, cryptocurrency, ICO, IDO, IEO, and NFT-based firm launches from the ground up. He has created 134 firms in the United States and Europe, including @ChargCoin, @Medvice, @finxflo, @LEDU, @timeDAO, @NFTmall, @moonearth, @leagueofpharaohs, @resource, @Unblokapp, and others.

According to Asad, "the best results come from trust, tactics, cooperation, and employing the correct metrics." He has also co-founded several enterprises in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency domains.

Craig Henderson

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

A video game nerd and an early adopter of NFTs, first with Bitcoin, NFTs and then Enjin. Craig Co-founded Lion Business Media Communications and Wolfpack Crypto. Has vast experience with start-up firms, particularly in the blockchain area. His area of expertise is marketing, social media marketing, NFT creation, blockchain development, fundraising, company formation, business development, growth hacking, and many more.

Jessica Maximo

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Our third co-founder, Jessica, is a digital artist from the Philippines. She is vastly experienced in marketing, especially in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Her experience as a digital artist is essential in our media operations, as her artistic insights are valuable in our media projects.

Vishal Sharma

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Digital Marketing Professional with 10+ years of experience, working on over 100 projects for customers worldwide. He has experience in increasing SERP ranks by utilising the best targeting keywords for companies employing White Hat SEO Techniques that align with Google algorithms.

Also, Vishal is well-versed in using several CMS systems such as WordPress, Shopify, Big Commerce, and others. Furthermore, he is skilled at conducting SEO campaigns, market research, competition analysis, managing social media accounts, and obtaining work from customers' design/development teams.

Malik Talha Javed

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

For nearly a decade, Talha worked in finance as a controller, chief financial officer, and public accountant. Now working as a self-employed consultant in the tech industry on the application of blockchain and cryptography to maintain and update financial and non-financial information.


Co-Founder & Creative Manager. (CM)

Robert Glenn is a professional graphic designer with almost 15 years of graphic design expertise. He is fascinated by blockchain technology and has previously worked on several cryptocurrency initiatives. He also handles social media and bounty management and undertakes growth hacking.

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