Meet the Partners


Platinum Engineering is a next-generation tech incubator with a networking background that offers top-tier expertise to potential FinTech start-ups. They assist new projects in taking the initial steps toward success by providing ready-made Fintech solutions and a personalised approach to each client.

From basic FinTech primitives to stimulating new alliances, their diverse team of professionals can give projects all the necessary beginning materials. They aim to attract the industry's most daring and talented individuals and ensure long-term development.


WeCharg is an EV company whose main objective is to create numerous oases in the world's poor, arid, and polluted areas through distributed energy commerce, renewable fuel, clean water, and other sustainable activities.

They provide the most modern, automated, and easy electric car charging technology at the most affordable price. WeCharg thinks everyone should be able to make a living in the modern world.

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